Retail stores and restaurants in San Diego face challenges that other cities do not have.  These challenges impose unique requirements for these stores’ Point of Sale systems.  San Diego business owners need to be aware of the key features they require in their POS so they may thrive in the San Diego market.

What makes San Diego unique?  Retailers and restaurants in other cities find their operations easier with each passing year because they steadily add loyal and long-term customers each month.  San Diego’s population churns too quickly to depend solely upon years-in-business to build a customer base.  San Diego has three large components of its population that result in a constant churn of people:  tourism, military personnel, and college students.  Smart retail and restaurant owners recognize that these individuals may be here a few days or a few years, but not a lifetime.  POS systems for these San Diego businesses must help the owners deal with this.

Coupons for new arrivals in the businesses’ neighborhood are a smart way to market.  Everyone in San Diego knows that.  The more sophisticated San Diego owner seeks more – - she will work to know the exact name and address associated with each coupon that is redeemed.   Point of Sale systems from Rapid POS can do exactly that.  Once the San Diego business owner knows that their coupon worked to get a particular customer in the door for the first time, it is smart for the owner to attempt to pull that customer into their store again with a different offer a few weeks later.  If the owner can get that customer into their store three times, then she has converted a new arrival into a loyal customer!  Not every POS will allow this type of marketing, so select your POS carefully!

E-mail marketing is a popular method to stay connected with customers, and many POS systems support this.  What’s the chance that a San Diego business’ tourist customers will opt out of the owner’s e-mail marketing?  It is pretty high since the tourist won’t be in San Diego to take advantage of the offer.  A Point of Sale from Rapid POS allows the owner to quickly flag the customer as a tourist.  The owner may send e-mail marketing to his tourist customers only at the beginning of the season that tourist is expected to return. 

These are but a couple of ways that San Diego businesses can use a Point of Sale system from Rapid POS to accelerate their business.  To learn more you should give them a call at 619-298-4527.  You may also visit their website at

Owners of San Diego retail stores and restaurants depend upon their POS system to keep their businesses running efficiently.  Even a few hours of downtime can ruin a day of sales and send stress levels “through the roof.”  All the worse if a POS failure occurs during the Saturday evening dinner service or during Black Friday for a retail store.  While everyone would love to have a computer system that never experiences a problem, everyone recognizes that this is not realistic.  Therefore, when purchasing a POS it is important for the owner to consider who he will call when the system has problems.

Some San Diego businesses purchase a POS from a company in another state.  For example, it is possible to purchase a POS at  These businesses then find that they may have to wait on-hold during their peak sales period for a technician in a foreign country to finally pick-up their call to address their problem.  If the problem is related to the POS hardware, a new part must be shipped.  It may take 3 or more days for it to arrive.

Other San Diego businesses select a local Point of Sale provider.  One Point of Sale provider based in San Diego is Rapid POS.  Rapid POS provides software, hardware, face-to-face training, and support for their San Diego clients.  They have local technicians in San Diego.  They instantly support their clients via secure internet-based connections to the client’s POS machines.  If an on-site repair is required, a Rapid POS technician can normally be at the store within an hour.  Rapid POS also keeps many of the POS hardware components in stock at their San Diego office.  This allows them to replace broken hardware the same day the break occurs. 

Restaurant and retail store owners can rest a bit easier knowing that the burden of supporting the technical components of their POS may be shifted to a local San Diego company.   You may call Rapid POS directly at 619-298-4527 or visit them on the web at

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