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Managing Your Inventory with QuickBooks Point of Sale v10

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale v10 makes ringing up a sale easy and allows you to manage your inventory simultaneously. Simply scan or enter the information and Point of Sale automatically retrieves all the data, populates the sales receipt and reduces your inventory by the quantities sold. You can also Track all of your customer [...]


AutoPilot – Overview: Point of Sale (POS) Systems and Controls

UPDATED VIDEO LINK: is the largest Car Wash Equipment manufacturer of conveyorized car wash systems in the world. We don’t merely assemble systems, we design and manufacture them ourselves, here in the USA. That means our car wash business customers get the benefit of better service, quality and constant product improvement. Video Rating: [...]


A new and better point of sale register

If you are a retail business you need a way to complete sales. We used to call this a cash register, but today’s point of sale registers do a lot more. Here shows me the state of the art in POS systems. Video Rating: 4 / 5


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