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How to make a simple spreadsheet on Excel 2010 (Business – stock sold )

This is a simple tutorial showing how to use excel 2010 and how to make a how much stock has been sold chart.


Restaurant Ripoff Could Your Business Be At Risk?

What merchants need to do regarding PCI compliance: To comply with Requirement 9, merchants must make sure unauthorized people (including unauthorized staff) can’t get their hands on anything sensitive, including POS equipment, computers, paper records, electronic files and so on. The associated tasks can be broken down into the following five general categories: 1. Make [...]


Retail Employee Management Business Software Demo Harbortouch point of sale software solutions for your retail business is capable of inventory management, employee management and financial reporting as well as accepting all major credit card payments. United Bank Card will give you a touchscreen credit card processing POS hardware equipment system when you setup a merchant account. Video Rating: 5 / [...]


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